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2018 Fitchburg State Women's Volleyball Roster

Ht. Hometown/High School Major
No.: 1 Annie Woolley full bio Annie Woolley Pos.: OH Cl.: Sr Ht.: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Malden, Mass / Malden Major: Exercise & Sports Science
No.: 2 Perry Joubert full bio Perry Joubert Pos.: DS/S Cl.: So Ht.: 5-3 Hometown/High School: Seekonk, Mass. / Seekonk Major: Communications Media
No.: 3 Jessica Peirce full bio Jessica Peirce Pos.: DS/L Cl.: So Ht.: 5-4 Hometown/High School: Brentwood, N.H. / Exeter Major: Industrial Technology
No.: 4 Kathryn Newcomb full bio Kathryn Newcomb Pos.: OH Cl.: Jr Ht.: 5-8 Hometown/High School: Portsmouth, R.I. / Portsmouth Major: Biology
No.: 5 Amy Coelho full bio Amy Coelho Pos.: OH/S Cl.: So Ht.: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Bellingham, Mass. / Bellingham Major: Elementary Education
No.: 6 Chloe Guzman full bio Chloe Guzman Pos.: DS/L Cl.: Fr Ht.: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Pawtucket, Conn. / Norwich Technical Major: Nursing
No.: 7 Kathryn Carroll full bio Kathryn Carroll Pos.: MB Cl.: Sr Ht.: 5-7 Hometown/High School: Shrewsbury, Mass / Shrewsbury Major: Communications
No.: 8 Nicole Sylvester full bio Nicole Sylvester Pos.: OH Cl.: Sr Ht.: 5-8 Hometown/High School: Everett, Mass / Everett Major: Early Childhood Education
No.: 9 Lauren Riccardi full bio Lauren Riccardi Pos.: OH Cl.: So Ht.: 5-10 Hometown/High School: Tewksbury, Mass. / Tewksbury Memorial Major: Undecided
No.: 10 Jaquelyn Manyak full bio Jaquelyn Manyak Pos.: S Cl.: Sr Ht.: 5-6 Hometown/High School: Bolton, Mass / Nashoba Regional Major: Video Production
No.: 12 Paige Anderson full bio Paige Anderson Pos.: OH Cl.: So Ht.: 5-10 Hometown/High School: Winchendon, Mass. / The Winchendon School Major: Business Administration
No.: 14 Kristina Osborne full bio Kristina Osborne Pos.: MB Cl.: Sr Ht.: 5-8 Hometown/High School: Ashby, Mass. / North Middlesex Major: Moderate Special Education
No.: 15 Jillian Laabs full bio Jillian Laabs Pos.: OH Cl.: Fr Ht.: 5-9 Hometown/High School: Dudley, Mass. / Shepherd Hill Regional Major: Business Administration
No.: 18 Meredith Taylor full bio Meredith Taylor Pos.: S Cl.: Fr Ht.: 5-8 Hometown/High School: Reading, Mass. / Reading Memorial Major: Special Education
No.: 19 Emily Beauvais full bio Emily Beauvais Pos.: MB Cl.: Jr Ht.: 6-1 Hometown/High School: Haverhill, Mass. / Winchendon School Major: Political Science