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Fitchburg State University
Athletics Hall of Fame Selection Committee

Next Induction: Fall 2018
2018 Nomination Deadline: March 1, 2018
Nomination Form: Click Here


Purpose: The Athletics Hall of Fame Selection Committee chooses athletes, coaches, teams, and individuals who made outstanding contributions to athletics at Fitchburg State University for induction into the Fitchburg State University Athletics Hall of Fame.


Composition: The Athletics Hall of Fame Committee is composed of the following:

  •  at least four (4) Hall of Fame members
  •  Director of Athletics
  •  Director of Alumni Relations
  •  Sports Information Director

All committee members are appointed by the Director of Athletics. In order to have a quorum for a committee meeting, three/fourths attendance is necessary.


The Veterans Committee is open to all individual Hall of Fame members. In order to participate on the Veterans Committee each induction year, Hall of Fame members will have to self‐select their participation prior to the review period of nominees. Members of the Veterans Committee will be able to participate in‐person, remotely or submit their top 5 selections in advance of the final selection meeting.


The Veterans Committee is charged with reviewing nominees that were student‐athletes, contributors, or teams prior to 1980. The Veterans Committee members are responsible for submitting nominations for consideration and gathering evidence of their athletic success while at Fitchburg State. This committee will convene to discuss their final selection for the Hall of Fame Induction year and submit their recommendation to the Athletics Hall of Fame Committee. The Veterans Committee will be led by co‐chairs, one male and one female, whom will serve for at least three consecutive induction years.



Candidates may be nominated by anyone; self nominations will not be considered. Nominations must be submitted to the Alumni Office. Nominations will be accepted year‐round. Additional background information, may be compiled by the Sports information Director, and will be forwarded to the Hall of Fame Committee. Any candidate who fails to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, or re‐nominated by a second party, within a ten‐year academic period, will be removed from the pool of candidacy and automatically given to the Veterans Committee for consideration.


Categories and Criteria:

There shall be no more than four (4) individual Hall of Fame inductees annually, in any combination of individual student‐athletes and contributors, and no more than one (1) team selected by the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. Additionally, the Veterans Committee may select either one (1) Outstanding Student‐Athlete/Contributor or one (1) Outstanding Team per Hall of Fame Induction year. Criteria for selection remains the same as described below.


Outstanding Student‐Athlete:

Individuals may be nominated and selected posthumously. Individuals must have:

  •  Participated on an intercollegiate team for a minimum of two years.
    •  Represented Fitchburg State in a positive manner both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus/a.
    •  Graduated from Fitchburg State at least five years prior to the nomination year. (Nominees who attended but did not graduate with a degree from FSU will not be considered.)
    •  Exhibited athletic prowess, as determined by playing ability, character, leadership, contribution to the team or teams on which he/she played, and to Fitchburg State University in general. (Acceptable documentation includes official records, newspaper clippings, or, when these are not available, affidavits from at least two non‐relatives of the nominee, detailing his or her accomplishments as a Fitchburg State University athlete.)
    •  *Any candidate whose performance as a student‐athlete was not at the level as described above, but has led a stellar post‐graduate life, athletic or otherwise, should be given to the Alumni Association Award Committee for consideration.

Outstanding Contributor:

Individuals may be nominated and selected posthumously. Nominees must have demonstrated a special and/or sustained interest in Fitchburg State University and its athletic program. (Current coaches at Fitchburg State University will not be considered for induction if the primary rationale for consideration is their coaching accomplishments. Coaches may be considered based on this rationale immediately upon retiring from all jobs held at Fitchburg State University or after five (5) years of separation from the University.)


Outstanding Team:

No more than one (1) team may be selected annually as Outstanding Team. Nominees must have:

  •  Competed in or won a post‐season championship.
  •  Competed at least ten (10) years prior to the nomination year.
    •  Teams should automatically come up for consideration each year following the 10‐year minimum grace period.


The Hall of Fame induction will take place every two years (occurring on even numbered years).


If you would like to create a nomination for induction into the Fitchburg State University Athletic Hall of Fame please click here.