Mission Statement

The mission of the Fitchburg State University strength and conditioning staff is to provide all student-athletes a safe, purposefully designed training program that is grounded on science-based physiological principles in order to achieve two core goals: reducing susceptibility to injury and improving sport performance through the enhancement of movement and athletic qualities. We create a mentally and physically challenging environment that teaches and reinforces a winner’s mindset; that achieving excellence in all areas of their lives, especially sport, can be attained through a devoted, focused, and consistent effort in sports performance training.

Training Philosophy

The primary objective of Fitchburg State strength and conditioning is to minimize the risk of injury by adequately preparing athletes to manage the physical stress of practices and competitions. This is achieved through a variety of methods, but the foundation of our training philosophy is ground-based, multi-joint, multi-directional, and functional/sport-specific training that improves recovery, joint mobility, flexibility, total body work capacity, strength, and power/explosiveness, in addition to multi-directional speed and agility.